Being precarious and having fun?

Presse (16)

“Precarious” means living in “uncertain conditions”, act as an petitioner and hinge on support of other people. To sum up: not to live from the work of his own hands.  Artists are always considered to be specialists for the so called precarious living circumstances. The musician and author Bernadette La Hengst calls it “her luxury to do something withour knowing the ending”.

The German-Finnisch art couple Oliver and Tellervo Kochta-Kalleinen loves to permanently reinvent  themselves paired with the force to do exactly that to survive on the fair of vanities.  They are the  initiators of the worldwide successfull complaints choir movement where people from all social grops meet to sing together about their daily sorrows and needs.

The cultural documantary “Prekär, frei und Spaß dabei?/Beging precarious and having fun?” shows artistical activity as responsible relation between art, social critics and politics. Common to all members is their will to develop on one hand an artform within they thematise their precarity and on the other hand they are searching for a form of solidarity based community.


Being precarious and having fun?

Marita Neher
Christoph Bannat

Andreas Deinert

Merle Kröger

Production Company:
Marita Neher Filmproduktion

Commissioning Editor:
Kathrin Brinkmann

ZDF/Arte, Germany 2008, 63 min.;